We provide Consultancy/Erection services such as:

·         Feasibility Report which include preparation of SLD of Bay, Transmission line & positioning of C&RP in          Control Room.

·         Sanction of Estimates and issue of work.

·         Construction of Transmission Line & Bay work.

·         Approval of GTP.

·         Metering Arrangement.

·         Documentation for grant of Excise duty for procurement of materials/components, its recommendation from BREDA and approval from MNRE/GOI.

·         Clearance from Chief Electrical Inspector, Govt. of Bihar.

·         Third Party Testing of Meters & Metering unit.

·         Approval from SIPB.

·         Regulatory matters.

·         Environmental & other required Clearance.

·         Documentation/Consultancy for availing incentives under State Renewable Energy & Industrial policy.

·         Billing.


We offer our services in the following areas:- 

       ·         We install Roof-top Solar power plant for different types of buildings like homes,corporate office,schools,colleges,bank office,petrol pump etc. at competitive price in the market with                  Net  Metering Policy(If Party is interested for opting it).

·         We install Solar water pump system for personal use/agricultural use.

·         We install Solar water heater for domestic use.


Solar Roof-top Solutions:-


We also install Roof-top Solar (Photovoltaic) Power Plant in which we provide Tier-I Solar Modules(GermanTechnology based companies like Recom,Trina,Zinco etc.) with 25 years guarantee and Inverters(companies like SMA,Zever Solar etc.) with best quality and maintenance as well.The technical features ofSolar Modules are that these are having highest quality standard and elegant beauty and micro-structured glasses and anti-reflecting quality and these have temperature co-efficient of -0.39%/°C i.e. its maximum power capacity will be reduced by only 0.39%/°C over25°C.Normally,there is a need of 100 sqft area per KW on the roof forthis project.There is a direct conversion of Solar Energy into Electrical Energy by Solar Panels after that DC is received and it is further converted into ACby Inverter and AC is supplied to run loads and Battery is charged byDC and its stored Energy can be used alternatively according to demand. 


Our rates per watt vary with connected loads in kilowatts either less than 10KW(Rs 80/watt) or 10 KW(Rs75/watt) or between 10 KW and 40 KW(Rs 70/watt)or greater than 40 KW(Rs 68/watt).Solar modules either monocrystalline or polycrystalline will be of 250 watt.During our  project we calculate the total connected loads of CFL or LED or Incandescent Bulbs,Fans,Computers in kilowatts at the site.We get the knowledge of maximum load running at a time and about what load is running for how much time.If there is a need of Battery in the scope of work then it will be installed.We take 30% advance and 40% amount against arrival of materials at the site and final 30% amount after commissioning.