Solar Training Program :



We offer solar training and internship program with a practical view and hands on training and internship on solar PV technologies.We also provide a platform to do projects in Electrical concerned topics. We have experienced instructors in Bihar and Jharkhand. Our Company is involved in many Solar and Transmission line construction projects.Our Company has a total experience of 33 MW in solar sector. Our solar training programs will equip you with the functional and technical expertise you need to successfully implement solar projects in companies. Our  solar courses target students. Short term admission will be continue for each month as per training program schedule



Our Company is associated with Solar projects and Transmission line construction Projects in different districts in the State of Bihar. Our Company has  also completed the 5 MW Solar Power Plant in West-Champaran District in Bihar very recently. Remaining ones are under Process. So trainee can do projects in this very sector and enhance their knowledge as well. Further they will have much-more options to define their career in the solar sector as India is going rapidly to install solar PV power plants of 1 lakh MW

Project in PSS/GSS : 


Our Company is in Bay construction area in GSS/PSS.


Project in Transmission line & Distribution systems : 


Our Company is already in Transmission line construction area more than 30 years.

         Training Methodology:

To achieve the objectives of providing total concept of solar power plant training, different types of  learning situations will have to be created/ organized. These are:-
 • Class room lectures for imparting formal, theoretical and technical knowledge. 
 • Case studies/Group discussions. 
 • Self learning techniques, like computer based self learning training packages etc.
 • Practical hands-on training in corrective maintenance methods and techniques. 
 • Through simulation techniques and on-job training in Power Stations/Power Systems.
 • The training methodology so   adopted create step by step environment for all round development of skill and knowledge of the participants.